More Drug Dealers Plead Guilty

In 2013, following an investigation conducted by the Drug Enforcement Agency into the Black Guerilla Family (BGF) gang, which operated in Park Heights and Belvedere in Baltimore, six people were indicted for working to distribute heroin. In the ensuing time, five of the defendants have pleaded guilty, and the case has shed light onto the hierarchy of drug distribution in two high-crime areas of Baltimore. Those who pleaded guilty to the charges explained how drugs are distributed in two of the highest crime areas of the city.

On Tuesday, Rodney Russell, who was the sixth defendant, faced with DEA recordings of phone conversations, admitted that that he also was a recipient of money as well as drugs from shops operated by Shawn and Jerrod Jackson, who pleaded guilty last year, and that he too was a member of the gang.

The conversations highlighted that he was a high ranking member of the BGF and that, once the deals had been sorted out by Shawn Jackson, he would direct Davon Taylor, who also pleaded guilty last year, to provide the drugs to clients in Pennsylvania.

During the operation, the DEA worked with an undercover police officer from Baltimore, sending him to buy drugs from Taylor, who was working for Jackson. However when the police tried to make the arrest, Jackson tried to escape in his vehicle but collided with another car. When his car was searched there was almost $10,000 inside.

It appears that the arrested gang members are realizing that the only way they can help themselves is to provide information relating to other gang members.

Baltimore City Police Commissioner, Anthony Batts says that he has evidence that the gang is getting weaker, but that they will continue to fight it.