How to Become a DEA Agent in Georgia by Meeting Requirements

Georgia’s strategic location makes the state a major drug trafficking corridor. The field office in Atlanta is positioned near main routes that go West through Texas and onward towards the West Coast. It is also located on the major corridor that goes to the Eastern Seaboard, as well as the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit.

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Main Responsibilities of the Georgia DEA

There are many duties and responsibilities attributed to DEA jobs in Georgia. Among them are the following:

  • Special Agent: The role of the special agent is to lead investigations and projects.
  • Diversion Investigator: These agents are responsible for leading investigations that seek to disrupt the flow of drugs from one avenue to the next.
  • Forensic Scientist: These agents are responsible for evaluating evidence found at crime scenes.
  • Intelligence Research Specialists: These employees are responsible for gathering research and giving it to the appropriate parties.

How to Become a DEA Agent in Georgia by Meeting Requirements

To apply for a position with the DEA, an applicant must first meet the basic requirements as put forth by the agency., The requirements include the following:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must have a clean criminal record
  • Must be of high moral character

After meeting minimum requirements there are a series of tests the applicant must pass before enrolling in the DEA training academy. When considering how to become a DEA agent in Georgia through training, you must first complete the following phases:

  • Step 1. Written examination and panel review/ interview
  • Step 2. Drug screening
  • Step 3. Medical Examination
  • Step 4. Physical Fitness Test
  • Step 5. Polygraph Examination
  • Step 6. Psychological Assessment
  • Step 7. Background Investigation
  • Step 8. Final Review

DEA Activity in Georgia

According to the National Drug Abuse Index, the highest rate of arrests involved with drug abuse is among crack cocaine users of which a little more than 16-percent of the population is estimated to abuse. Marijuana is second on the list of drug arrests with 13.7-percent, then it is cocaine with 6-percent, methamphetamine with 4.6-percent and heroin with 1.9-percent. Pharmaceutical abuse is also a very large problem in Georgia, and is one of the fastest growing drug problems in the region- and throughout the rest of the United States.

Recent Events

  • August 2012: Operation Freak Nasty started out as a street-level drug operation, but eventually became larger in scope as the street-level distributors were then tied to a Mexican drug cartel operating in the suburbs of Atlanta. The operation ended up bringing in 66 kilos of cocaine, 6 pounds of meth, 1 pound of hash, 3 firearms and more than $3.2 million in cash and assets.
  • February 2011: Operation Four Horsemen busted a drug ring run by a Mexican drug cartel that was running drugs up and down the East Coast. The bus brought in 500 kilos of cocaine and $23.8 million in cash. In the end, 23 cartel members based in Atlanta were arrested and charged.

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