How to Become a DEA Agent in Idaho Falls, Idaho by Meeting Requirements

In the region of Idaho Falls DEA agents face the particular challenge posed by the popularity of methamphetamine in the area. The DEA explains the preponderance of this particular drug because when it was introduced, Mexican methamphetamine was affordable compared to other drugs, and is still the drug of choice among users in the area.

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Becoming a DEA agent to work against the tide of meth in Idaho Falls involves first meeting initial requirements and going through the application steps before attending DEA academy training.

Careers with the DEA in Idaho Falls

Before beginning the application process, prospective agents should be aware of the minimum qualifications for DEA jobs. These include meeting at least one of the following:

  • A B.A. with at least a 2.95 GPA, M.A., LL.B. or J.D.
  • Prior law enforcement or drug control experience, including surveillance, arrests, undercover operations, and organization of evidence for presentation in court.
  • A B.A. with related coursework and at least three years of experience in a strategic field:
    • Foreign languages
    • Information technology
    • Military
    • Information systems
    • Maritime captain or pilot’s license
    • Telecommunications

Meeting the Proper Requirements

Agents wishing to begin careers with the DEA will need to compete an extensive application process and meet the proper education or experience requirements. There are seven public and private institutions to choose from in the State of Idaho offering at least B.A. degrees in strategic subject areas. There are also additional online schools to choose from for similar certification. Prospective agents can speak with an academic adviser or DEA recruiter for more information about DEA jobs and careers.

Recent Busts in Idaho Falls

DEA Agents in Idaho Falls recently assisted the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), working in conjunction with 13 other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, in a long-term investigation ultimately naming five people charged with drug trafficking offenses including conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. The charges against the five bring the total number of people indicted in the investigation to 21.

Working in cooperation with the OCDETF, DEA agents in Idaho Falls culminated a nine month investigation into a drug trafficking ring operating in East Idaho. It is alleged that since 2005 a group of Mexican nationals and accomplices trafficked multiple pounds of methamphetamine and took out false bank loans to launder their over $500,000 in profits. A total of eight defendants have pleaded guilty in the case, with one remaining at large.

Five Idaho Falls men were indicted on charges relating to their involvement in an international drug ring running between Mexico, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Rexburg. Undercover DEA agents infiltrated the organization by initially buying amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine that eventually led to the identification of numerous suspects. The members of the alleged drug ring were part of an extended family estimated to have sold over 30 pounds of meth and more than 70 kilograms of cocaine in 30-day period. During one month in the operation law enforcement authorities seized 16 pounds of meth, 20 kilograms of cocaine, numerous boats, cars, and firearms, and $940,000 in cash.

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