How to Become a DEA Agent in Carson City, Nevada by Meeting Requirements

Because Carson City is located within the vicinity of the California border and along the major highways that go into the Central California cities of Sacramento and Stockton, as well as the major metropolitan area of Oakland and San Francisco, the area is a major drug corridor. While the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) does not have an official office in Carson City, they do have a presence when it comes to deterring drug trafficking down the Interstates in Nevada.

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The DEA operations in and around Carson City are under the direction of the district office located in Reno, Nevada, and ultimately under the supervision of the major division office in Los Angeles, California, which oversees all DEA operations in the state of Nevada.

Major DEA Operations in Carson City, Nevada

The major drug problems in and around Carson City, Nevada concern marijuana and crystal meth, but prescription drugs and cocaine trafficking are also very big problems, and nearing the epidemic levels that marijuana and crystal meth already qualify for in the area. The following is a list of some of the most recent and significant drug busts in Carson City, Nevada:

  • October 2012: Ten people were arrested as part of a large drug bust in the Carson City area. In total, more than 1,502 grams of drugs were confiscated from the site, including more than 3 pounds of crystal meth. Large amounts of cocaine and marijuana were also seized during the bust. The suspects have ties to local meth manufacturers, as well as possible connections to Mexican drug cartels.
  • January 2008: Five people were arrested in connection with a drug bust in Carson City. More than $600,000 worth of drugs were taken, including 5.2 pounds of cocaine, 2.6 pounds of crystal meth and 5.5 pounds of marijuana.

Carson City DEA Jobs and Careers

When an applicant is considering how to become a DEA agent in Carson City through meeting requirements, they must also have at least one of the following sets of experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (with at least a 2.95 GPA)
  • An LL. B or J.D. Degree (no GPA requirement)
  • Extensive experience with narcotics investigation operations
  • A bachelor’s degree plus three years experience in military operations, piloting/ maritime operations and navigating, accounting and auditing practices, fluency in a foreign language or technical/ mechanical experience

Applicants must also consider how to become a DEA agent in Carson City by meeting through training, which requires extensive classes in drug enforcement, making arrests, evaluating evidence and intelligence, conducting surveillance and testifying in front of a court of law, among many other things.

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