How to Become a DEA Agent in St. George, Utah by Meeting Requirements

Agents based out of the St. George DEA Post of Duty are actively involved each day in keeping dangerous drugs and the people associated with them off the streets of their city and the rest of Utah. Methamphetamine abuse and addiction is a big problem in the area, with the drug being produced locally as well as trafficked into the region by Mexican drug cartels. Marijuana grow operations are also prevalent throughout the southern portion of Utah around the St. George area. The DEA is looking for prospective agents who want to shut off the flow of drugs and can meet the stringent education or training requirements to begin the initial application process for careers with the DEA.

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Recent DEA Action in St. George

Seven people were busted by St. George SWAT Team officers and DEA agents following raids targeting methamphetamine distributors. Agents recovered firearms, cash, and over 778 grams of meth worth an estimated $77,000. Statewide, more people sought treatment for stimulants including methamphetamine than for any other drug, including marijuana.

Two St. George men were recently arrested by DEA agents on charges related to the possession of more than 200 pounds of marijuana. Agents seized over $166,000 from a private plane owned by one of the suspects, and one of the men was also identified as the former owner of used car lot that was shut down by Utah tax officials. The two suspects were booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility near St. George.

Local law enforcement officials and DEA agents based out of St. George have led a recent operation targeting marijuana grow sites throughout Southern Utah. Agents cite concerns to the environment and public safety from illegal grow sites: often times they are guarded by illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds and illegal weapons, and the fertilizers used can contaminate local sources of water, which is often scarce and used to water the illegal crop. During the operation law enforcement officials made 77 arrests and destroyed 52 grow sites containing over 372,000 plants worth an estimated $744 million

Jobs and Careers with the DEA

The process of how to become a DEA special agent involves completion of the highly competitive application process, but first requires prospective agents to meet at least one of the following qualifying requirements:

  • Previous jobs or experience working in law enforcement or drug interdiction including:
    • Surveillance and undercover operations
    • Gathering presentable evidence for prosecutors
    • Detention and arrest of suspects
  • Law degrees, either LL.B. or J.D., M.A., or a B.A. with at least a 2.95 GPA
  • A B.A. with related coursework and at least three years of experience in a strategic area:
    • Military
    • Engineering
    • Maritime captain’s license
    • Pilot’s license
    • Foreign languages
    • Accounting
    • Auditing

Getting the Right Education

The process of applying for jobs with the DEA can begin when prospective agents meet the prerequisites. There are nine public institutions and several private and for-profit schools offering at least bachelor degrees in strategic fields as identified by the DEA. Additional information resources can be found online, with school guidance counselors, and with DEA recruiters.

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