How to Become a DEA Agent in Burlington, Vermont by Meeting Requirements

Vermont continues to be the site of illegal drug trafficking and distribution activities, given is proximity to New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Quebec, Canada. The main traffic corridors of Interstates 89 and 91 provide seamless travel throughout this state. As such, Burlington, Vermont’s largest and most populated city has experienced its share of illicit drug activity.

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The Illicit Drug Trade in Burlington

Individuals interested in attaining Burlington DEA careers can learn about Burlington’s drug activity by studying recent headlines to originate from this New England city:

  • January 2013: A New York resident was sentenced to federal prison for possessing with the intent to distribute oxycodone and oxymorphone pills to Vermont via Interstate 91. Law enforcement official uncovered 500 oxycodone and oxymorphone pills upon the man’s arrest. The DEA led the case, along with the help of the Vermont State Police and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, Enforcement and Safety.
  • November 2012: A Vermont resident was sentenced for manufacturing methamphetamine. Nine other individuals involved in this case are awaiting sentencing for methamphetamine-related charges. This investigation was overseen by the DEA, the Vermont Drug Task Force, the United States Marshal’s Service, and the Vermont State Police Field Force Division.
  • May 2012: A Bronx man was sentenced for trafficking heroin and crack cocaine in Vermont. The investigation found that the individual was conspiring to distribute more than 280 grams of crack cocaine. The DEA, the Vermont Drug Task Force, and the ATF collaborated on this case.

How to Become a DEA Agent in Burlington by Meeting Requirements

There are a number of employment requirements for individuals interested in attaining Burlington DEA careers. In particular, candidates for DEA jobs in Burlington must:

  • Be at least 21 years old, but no older than 36 years old
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Possess a valid driver’s license

Further, all candidates interested in learning how to become a DEA agent in Burlington must submit to the following before becoming eligible for training:

  • Undergo a background investigation
  • Undergo a polygraph examination
  • Undergo a psychological assessment
  • Take a written assessment
  • Undergo a panel interview
  • Take a physical assessment

Individuals without prior experience must have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.9 or a master’s degree, LLB degree or JD degree (no minimum GPA requirement).

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