How to Become a DEA Agent in Norfolk, Virginia by Meeting Requirements

Recently, a physician in Norfolk, Virginia had his state medical license suspended for prescribing prescription drugs without the necessary monitoring. Narcotics, painkillers, and amphetamines were just a few of the types of drugs the doctor prescribed illegally. This highlights one of the main drug abuse problems in Norfolk- prescription drug abuse- and is a problem that DEA agents in Norfolk deal with on a daily basis.

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Substance Abuse Among the Military in Norfolk

According to an Institute of Medicine report in 2002, two percent of active-duty military personnel admitted to prescription drug abuse. By 2008, this number had increased to 11 percent.  Binge drinking among those on active duty also increased sharply, from 35 percent in 1998 to 47 percent in 2008.

One of the unique qualities about Norfolk is that it houses a naval station. Drug problems exist in this military population as well. The Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Substance Abuse Rehabilitation program in Norfolk offers both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to alcohol and drug abusers in the military. All Department of Defense personnel and their families are eligible to use this valuable resource.

Drug Crimes in Norfolk

According to the 2011 Crime in Virginia statistics, the Norfolk Police Department made 725 adult drug/narcotic arrests in 2011. Norfolk has a high crime rate compared to other U.S cities of its size. Recently, a news report stated that the City of Norfolk’s Blyden Branch Library is a hot spot for drug deals. Residents who live in the neighborhood have claimed to witness drug deals in cars just outside of the library, and have heard firearms being used as well.

Some of the largest drug busts in Norfolk in the past few years have been for cocaine. Marijuana and heroin are two other popular drugs of choice in the Norfolk area.

How to Become a DEA Agent in Norfolk

For anyone who wishes to know how to become a DEA agent in Norfolk by meeting requirements, it is helpful to realize that Norfolk lies within the jurisdiction of the DEA’s Washington, D.C. Division. A DEA Resident Office for this division lies in Norfolk. One can only become a DEA agent in Norfolk through training, but one must also meet certain requirements before being accepted as a DEA agent candidate. These include either experience in drug investigations or possession of a bachelor’s, master’s, J.D or L.L.B degree.

To learn more about Norfolk DEA jobs and careers, contact the Special Agent Recruiter for the Washington, D.C. Division at (202) 305-8126 or 8144.

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