How to Become a DEA Agent in Casper, Wyoming by Meeting Requirements

DEA agents based out of the Casper office face the problem of drug trafficking and abuse throughout their region. Methamphetamine is a major problem in the surrounding area, and recently agents have seen the rise of the phenomenon of prescription drug abuse. Located about an hour and a half’s drive west from Casper, the Wind River Indian Reservation also has more than its fair share of drug abuse and trafficking. The DEA is working in this region to keep drugs out of communities and criminals behind bars.

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Casper DEA Post of Duty Busts

In a major methamphetamine investigation throughout the State of Wyoming, DEA agents based from the Casper Post of Duty participated in the arrest of 35 suspects on charges of weapons, immigration, and drugs violations. Several interconnected trafficking groups count their members among the arrested, with three indicted suspects still at large. After marijuana, methamphetamine and other stimulants are the drugs for which the most people statewide seek treatment for addiction.

DEA agents working from the Casper office in cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs concluded a nearly two-year investigation into a meth ring responsible for the trafficking and distribution of the drug throughout Casper, the Wind River Indian Reservation, and the rest of Wyoming. Results of the investigation include the seizure of $100,000 cash, 20 firearms including a machine gun, 20 pounds of highly purified methamphetamine, and the arrests of 43 suspects who participated in the manufacture and distribution of meth, which was often times exchanged for sex on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

In a recent year-long investigation, DEA agents working out of the Casper office in cooperation with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Wind River Police Department developed a case against a family-owned drug trafficking network responsible for the distribution of meth, marijuana, cocaine, and prescription medications such as Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Proxyphene. 19 arrests were made including that of a tribal judge, and the DEA believes the operation provided over a pound of meth each month to residents of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Employment with the DEA

DEA jobs and careers in the Casper area are obtained through a very competitive application process. Prospective agents interested in how to become DEA agents should be familiar with the initial minimum requirements that include previous education or training to be able meet at least one of the following:

  • B.A. with a 2.95 GPA or higher, M.A., LL.B., or J.D.
  • Experience as a drug or law enforcement officer including:
    • Busting criminals
    • Special ops such as undercover and surveillance
    • Gathering and organization of evidence for presentation in court
  • B.A. with three or more years of experience and education in a field identified as strategic:
    • Engineering
    • Accounting
    • Foreign languages
    • Military
    • IT and information systems
    • Pilot’s license
    • Auditing

Meeting the Education Requirements

If prospective agents do not qualify with previous experience they can meet the education requirements from at least three public, private, and online higher education institutions located throughout the State of Wyoming. Preparing for DEA jobs and careers well in advance is the first step to a successful application.

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