About DrugEnforcementEDU.org

DrugEnforcementEDU.org serves as an independent and objective resource for information on careers with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Aspiring DEA special agents, diversion investigators, forensic scientists and more are encouraged to use this free resource to learn about degree and experience requirements that must be met before being eligible for DEA jobs at the many division offices, district offices, resident offices and DEA posts of duty located throughout the United States. DrugEnforcementEDU.org also provides information on job functions and GS pay grades associated with the various DEA careers.

As a comprehensive and unbiased resource, DrugEnforcementEDU.org is designed for both law enforcement professionals looking to advance their careers and expand their scope of expertise through jobs with the DEA, as well as young and ambitious aspiring law enforcement professionals interested in beginning their careers in this esteemed Federal agency.

The staff here at DrugEnforcementEDU.org recognize the unparalleled efforts that DEA special agents and other drug enforcement professionals put forth in the battle against drug cartels and terrorist organizations funded with drug money. Through these tireless efforts the DEA continues to gain ground in the war on drugs by disrupting criminal enterprises and preventing illegal drugs from reaching America’s streets.