Drug Enforcement Agency Works With Chinese Law Enforcement to Make Record Drug Bust

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency recently worked in conjunction with law enforcement agencies in China to make what amounted to one of the largest and most expansive drug seizures in China’s history.

An informant made DEA officials aware of a large shipment of drugs that was allegedly scheduled to be brought in to a port in Shanghai. The agency worked with Chinese security personnel and found approximately 70 kilos of cocaine that had come in to the city from South America.

Early last month, agents with the DEA informed drug enforcement officials in China about the possibility of a shipment of some type of illegal drugs that was being sent to their country through Mexico and originating in Peru.

Coke Headed for New Zealand

DEA officials stated that they had done an in-depth analysis of a series of communiques including phone and email messages that had been sent to and from a member of a Mexican drug cartel who was recently murdered.

The messages collectively suggested that the shipment was going to be sent into Shanghai and then transferred to another ship in order to be sent to its final destination of New Zealand.

Customs officials and Chinese police searched the ship upon its arrival at port in Shanghai and found the cocaine onboard.

DEA Has Been Working With China for Years

The total street value of the seizure is estimated at about USD $7 million, and as such, represents one of the largest and most significant drug busts in the country’s history.

According to a statement released by the DEA, the agency has been in cooperation with the Chinese ministry over the last several years in an effort to combat international drug trafficking between North American, South American, and Asian countries.