How to Become a DEA Agent in New Haven, Connecticut by Meeting Requirements

New Haven, Connecticut is home to a growing drug problem, one that the DEA and state and local law enforcement agencies have been working to curtail since the 1990s.

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Recent news headlines to originate from New Haven speak to the difficulties law enforcement officials have had in this New England town. For example, in March 2013, officials busted four New Haven men for operating a drug factory out of their home. The bust resulted in the seizure of 380 bags of heroin and 56 bags of crack cocaine, all of which were, no doubt, headed for the streets of New Haven.

New Haven DEA Careers: Fighting Illicit Drugs in New Haven

Other headlines out of New Haven further highlight the drug problems faced by DEA agents here:

  • January 2013: A New Haven drug dealer was sentenced to federal prison for operating a narcotics market where crack cocaine, powder cocaine, and heroin were sold. The ATF, DEA, and the New Haven Police Department’s Tactical Narcotics Unit collaborated on this investigation.
  • March 2013: A New Haven man was sentenced to federal prison for distributing heroin. This individual was just one of 108 individuals who were brought down in a joint law enforcement investigation dubbed Operation Bloodline.
  • November 2012: A cocaine trafficker was sentenced to federal prison for trafficking cocaine. This arrest resulted in the seizure of about 30 kilograms of cocaine that was being delivered from Phoenix, Arizona, to New Haven. This case was investigated by a DEA Task Force, which included officers from a number of local law enforcement agencies.
  • October 2012: Four individuals involved in an oxycodone trafficking ring were sentenced. The investigation found that the individuals obtained prescriptions for large amounts of oxycodone from illicit pain clinics (“pill mills”).
  • October 2011: A New Haven individual was sentenced to federal prison for his role in a drug trafficking ring. The investigation revealed that the individual was selling crack cocaine and cocaine and supplying drugs to other members of the same drug conspiracy for sale.

How to Become a DEA Agent in New Haven by Meeting Requirements

Individuals interested in attaining New Haven DEA jobs must first meet the agency’s minimum employment requirements, which include:

  • Candidates must be U.S. citizens.
  • Candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 36.
  • Candidates must possess a valid driver’s license.

Further, all candidates must be able to complete the DEA’s employment process for special agent:

  • Candidates must pass a background investigation.
  • Candidates must pass a DEA drug test.
  • Candidates must pass written, physical, and psychological assessments.
  • Candidates must pass a polygraph examination.
  • Candidates must pass a panel interview.

How to Become a DEA Agent in New Haven Through Training

DEA jobs require candidates to possess, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.9 or better. Individuals without a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, LLB degree or JD degree must possess extensive experience in undercover operations, narcotics/drug-related investigations, surveillance/undercover operations, or evidence organization for prosecution officials to be eligible for DEA careers.

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