How to Become a DEA Agent in Aurora, Illinois by Meeting Requirements

Aurora, as the second most populous city in Illinois, has served this Midwest state as a manufacturing city for more than 100 years. As such, it has consistently ranked among the top 50 fastest growing states according to the United States Census Bureau. However, given its proximity to the sprawling metropolis of Chicago and the nearby states of Indiana and Michigan, Aurora also has experienced an uptick in illicit drug activity in recent years.

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DEA Headlines in Aurora

Individuals interested in pursuing Aurora DEA careers should understand the illegal drug activity in Aurora by examining recent headlines.

For example, in August 2010, an Aurora man operating a Chicago heroin ring was captured as part of an investigation entitled “Operation Birdcage.” In all, the investigation results in the arrest of 29 individuals and the seizure of more than $1.2 million worth of heroin, $350,000 in cash, and 13 guns. The Aurora individual arrested was charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute more than 1,000 grams of heroin,

In January 2011, nine individuals were charged with running a narcotic trafficking organization out of Aurora. The charged individuals were suspected of being involved in a local cocaine distribution operation. The bust yielded more than 3 kilograms of cocaine, as well as $415,000 in cash and three vehicles.

How to Become a DEA Agent in Aurora by Meeting Requirements

Pursuing Aurora DEA jobs requires a core set of requirements. All individuals, for example, must be at least 21 but no older than 36. They must also be a United States citizen and possess a valid driver’s license. All individuals should also expect to undergo an extensive pre-employment process for special agent jobs, which includes a background investigation; polygraph test; and written, physical and psychological assessments.

Education/Experience Requirements for Aurora DEA Careers

Candidates for Aurora DEA jobs must possess a bachelor’s (with a minimum GPA of 2.9), LLB, or JD degree, or they must possess extensive experience in undercover operations, drug-related investigations, or organizing evidence for prosecuting professionals.

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of professional, specialized experience in such areas as military, engineering, accounting, or telecommunications may qualify without the 2.9 GPA requirement.

Qualified applicants who are offered jobs with the DEA will be flown to Quantico, Virginia for formal training before beginning work in the field.

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