How to Become a DEA Agent in Minnesota by Meeting Requirements

The prescription drug trade is among the chief issues that DEA agents in Minnesota work to combat. In fact, Minnesota has a prescription drug trade larger than that of many other states, according to data provided by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2007 and 2008. In Minnesota, 4.71 to 5.08 percent of the population admitted to using prescription drugs illegally in the past month, higher than the national average of 3.31 to 4.70 percent.

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Prescription drug abuse has brought all new challenges to the jobs performed by DEA Special Agents, as it includes troublesome factors that illustrate the influence of the drug trade in Minnesota and beyond. Players in the prescription drug trade include individuals the DEA hasn’t had to deal with in the fight against street drugs, like physicians who are willing to write illegal prescriptions and pharmacists who are willing to fill them.

According to a 2013 DEA report, Minnesota is among the Midwest states where Mexican drug cartels are currently expanding. This increased activity is attributed to the presence of Interstate 35, which runs from Texas to Minnesota and is a common route of drug trafficking.

How to Become a DEA Agent in Minnesota

Becoming a DEA agent in Minnesota is currently a bit different than becoming a DEA agent in other states. While most state DEA divisions are looking for individuals with advanced law degrees, the Chicago Division of the DEA, under which Minnesota falls, is currently seeking persons with bachelor’s degrees in the following areas: economics, accounting, criminal justice, language or finance. This special recruiting emphasis is designed to assist the Chicago Division with seizing and forfeiting the assets of illegal drug traffickers in the area.

Other basic criteria one must fulfill in order to become a DEA agent in Minnesota is to be at least age 21 but no older than age 36; to be a U.S. citizen; to have a valid U.S. driver’s license; to be able to retain a Top Secret security clearance; and to be physically able to perform the duties of a DEA agent in Minnesota. The hiring process to become a DEA agent in Minnesota by meeting requirements is long and arduous. Once completed, one must still undergo much training before becoming a DEA agent in Minnesota.

Most DEA jobs in Minnesota are housed in the District Office in Minneapolis, which can be reached by telephoning (612) 344-4100.

Community Partnerships with the DEA in Minnesota

Drug free communities and coalitions exist across Minnesota to prevent drug abuse and crimes resulting from drug abuse. Some of the organizations that have received federal grants to continue the good work they do include:

  • Goodhue County Social Services
  • Tri-City Partners for Healthy Youth and Communities
  • Rice County Chemical Health Coalition
  • Washington County Chemical Health Action Collaborative
  • Northfield Health Community Initiative
  • Brown County Underage Substance Abuse Coalition
  • Renville County Public Health Service
  • Steele County Safe and Drug Free Coalition

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