How to Become a DEA Agent in Jersey City, New Jersey by Meeting Requirements

Jersey City is the second most populous city in New Jersey (behind Newark) and is part of the New York City metropolitan area. Because of Jersey City’s prime location between the Hudson River, the Upper New York Bay, and Newark Bay, and the Hackensack River and its port of entry and large number of rail connections, this city has become a significant manufacturing and distribution center for drug cartels and a prime route for illicit drug traffickers.

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Jersey City DEA Careers: Fighting Drug Trafficking

The illicit drug trafficking problem in New Jersey is clear upon examining recent headlines to originate from this city:

May 2011: Thirteen individuals were charged for their involvement in a drug trafficking ring. The drug bust, which was part of a joint investigation between the Jersey City Police Department, the DEA, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, and the New Jersey State Police and entitled “Operation Wetlands,”  uncovered a large drug trafficking ring that involved gang members and included the sale of PCP, marijuana, and heroin in Jersey City.

As a result of the arrests, 32 ounces of PCP, 35 bricks of heroin, oxycodone, marijuana, and $32,000 in cash were seized.

February 2010: As a result of the ongoing, multi-agency investigation entitled “Operation Wetlands,” 26 people were arrested, many of whom were members of the Bloods street gang. The total number of people arrested as part of this investigation was 46 as a result of these arrests.

Jersey City DEA Careers: Minimum Employment Requirements

All candidates applying for Jersey City DEA jobs must be between the ages of 21 and 36. Further, they must be U.S. citizens, and they must possess a valid driver’s license.

DEA agent jobs in Jersey City require specific education and/or experience requirements, as well. Education requirements include a bachelor’s, a master’s, an LLB, or a JD degree and/or significant experience in undercover operations, surveillance, drug-related investigations, or investigation recovery for court and prosecution purposes.

Individuals who possess a bachelor’s degree must have a minimum GPA of 2.9 to qualify for Jersey City DEA jobs. However, if they have at least three years of experience in accounting, engineering, telecommunications, a foreign language, or as a pilot, the GPA requirement is waived.

All individuals interested in learning how to become a DEA agent in Jersey City by meeting requirements must be prepared to undergo a number of pre-employment testing, which includes written exams, physical exams, psychological exams, polygraph examinations, and a background investigation, among others.

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