How to Become a DEA Agent in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Meeting Requirements

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) has a resident office in Chattanooga, located in the southeastern portion of Tennessee, and approximately 120 miles northwest of Atlanta. Situated north of the Georgia border, three major highways intersect in Chattanooga: I-24, I-75, and I-59, putting the city on the route of drug trafficking operations.

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The DEA’s Chattanooga office falls under the jurisdiction of the DEA Atlanta Division office.

Chattanooga DEA Careers: How to Become a DEA Agent in Chattanooga, TN

Candidates who are interested in joining the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in the Eastern District of Tennessee in Chattanooga should know that the hiring process will be conducted by the Special Agent Recruitment Coordinator at the nearest division, which is The DEA Atlanta Division. A few points to keep in mind:

  • For an initial assessment of qualifications, prospective candidates are encouraged to take an online assessment of current qualifications, including medical, education and skills background.
  • Education standards required of prospective candidates includes a Bachelor’s degree with a grade point of 2.95; a Bachelor of Law degree; a Juris Doctorate; or a Master’s degree.  Classes in finance, accounting, computer science, information technology and engineering are regarded favorably.
  • Experience in law enforcement conducting narcotics and other drug related investigations is not a requirement, but is viewed as valuable background experience and can be used in lieu of a degree.

The Job of A DEA Agent in Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agents are called upon to target individuals who illegally prescribe and distribute narcotic pills, including medical personnel. For example, according to DEA records, a multi-department investigation conducted by the DEA, the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation and local authorities resulted in the arrest of a local physician for illegal distribution of controlled substances, money laundering, having a firearm related to drug trafficking, and tax evasion.

The manufacture of methamphetamine in the Eastern District of Tennessee is a problem that the DEA is working to combat on an ongoing basis. Undercover work, search warrants, traffic stops and other methods were used to apprehend a local businessman who was indicted on charges that he conspired to help produce large quantities of methamphetamine and knowingly distributed iodine to be used to produce meth.

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