How to Become a DEA Agent in Amarillo, Texas by Meeting Requirements

While the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) does not have a division or residential office in the city of Amarillo, Texas, they do have a presence in the area. The DEA has a presence in the city of Amarillo because of its size (236,111 in the metropolitan area, according to the 2010 census,) and its location (the largest city in the Northern portion of Texas.) The DEA operations and activity in Amarillo is supervised by the division office located in Dallas, which is responsible for overseeing operations in the Northern half of Texas as well as all of the state of Oklahoma.

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The largest drug epidemic in the Amarillo area concerns the abuse and distribution of crystal meth. The drug is manufactured in the rural areas of Texas, but the biggest concern is crystal meth that is manufactured in Mexico and then carried across the border by members of dangerous Mexican drug cartels. The reason why the cartels are such a problem is because they tend to be more organized, harder to catch and more violent than independent drug manufacturers. Other drug problems in the area concern marijuana and prescription pills, and then cocaine and heroin to a lesser extent.

Recent DEA Activity in Amarillo

Since there is no official DEA office in Amarillo, the few agents in the city are responsible for assisting local law authorities in the apprehension of drug criminals in the state and conduct intelligence gathering investigations. The following is a list of some of the most significant DEA activity in Amarillo:

  • January 2013: Two suspects were apprehended with possession of black tar heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana. The suspects are believed to be drug dealers in the area and may have connections to drug cartels and gangs from Mexico and other parts of the state of Texas.
  • October 2012: Eight suspects were arrested at the Deluxe Inn on Amarillo Blvd. in connection with a crack cocaine and heroin drug ring operating in the city. A slew of drugs were found in six separate rooms being rented out by the suspects at the hotel.

Amarillo DEA Jobs

The Amarillo DEA may not have an office, but that does not mean there’s a lack of opportunities in the city of Amarillo. Since Amarillo is located on a popular corridor in the Texas panhandle, constant surveillance and intelligence gathering is needed to curb trafficking to Oklahoma and New Mexico, and north to the Midwest portion of the United States.

In order to qualify for a Special Agent position with the Amarillo DEA, applicants must meet the basic requirements and complete extensive training in their field. Along with the basic requirements, applicants must also complete the following steps in order to enroll in the academy and become a full-time employee with the Amarillo DEA:

  • Step 1. Meet requirements and qualifications
  • Step 2. Complete and application and written examination
  • Step 3. Oral interview
  • Step 4. Drug screen, medical and physical examinations
  • Step 5. Polygraph exam and background check
  • Step 6. Final hiring decision and interview
  • Step 7. Enrollment in the academy

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