How to Become a DEA Agent in Houston, Texas by Meeting Requirements

The city of Houston, Texas is the most populous city in the entire state, with a total city population of more than 2.1 million, and is also the fourth-largest city in the entire country. When taking the entire metropolitan land area into account, Houston has the fifth-largest population in the country and second-largest in the state behind the Dallas and Ft. Worth metropolitan area.

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Because of the immense size of the city, its proximity to the Mexican border, and its location along major highways going East-West and North-South, Houston is a popular destination for drug traffickers that are bringing drugs into the city. Houston also serves as a hub, with narcotics moving through the city to other major metropolitan areas located in the South, Mid-West and along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

DEA Careers in Houston

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has their headquarters set-up in Houston and use the office to coordinate the activities of the agency throughout the state, as well as the bulk of Southern Texas, which shares the largest portion of the Mexico border in the state. There are a variety of jobs available with the Houston DEA, including the following:

  • Special Agents: These agents carry out the day-to-day investigations and duties of the administration.
  • Forensic Scientists: These employees of the DEA are responsible for processing various types of forensic evidence that is collected during investigations, seizures, arrests and busts.
  • Administration: The administration employees are responsible for processing paperwork and other tasks as assigned to them.
  • Diversion Investigator: These careers are one of the fastest growing within the DEA and is responsible for conducting investigations into illegal distribution of drugs that are becoming epidemics in the country (methamphetamine, illegal pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Intelligence Research Specialist: These agents are responsible for collecting, analyzing and passing down intelligence that has been gathered during investigations. The intelligence can be video surveillance, audio and other sources of recording.

Recent Drug Busts by the Houston DEA

The following is a list of some of the highest profile drug busts and investigations conducted by the Houston DEA:

  • March 2013: A drug bust in the small town of Willis produced 548 grams of meth, $15,000 in cash and an arsenal of firearms. The man that was arrested in connection with a meth trafficking ring that is suspected of having ties to Mexican drug cartels across the border.
  • October 2011: The largest drug bust in county history included millions worth of marijuana being grown on a large field in Liberty County. The field was boobytrapped in various spots to thwart police and thieves. No suspects were on the scene during the bust and are believed to have fled across the border or into another state.

The Hiring Process

When considering how to become a DEA agent in Houston, there are a series of requirements that must be met as well as extensive training. The phases of the hiring process are as follows:

  • Step 1: Meet requirements and complete an application
  • Step 2: Complete a three-part written examination and assessment
  • Step 3: Oral interview
  • Step 4: Drug testing
  • Step 5: Medical and physical examinations
  • Step 6: Polygraph exam
  • Step 7: Background investigation
  • Step 8: Final hiring decision and training academy recruitment

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