How to Become a DEA Agent in Atlanta, Georgia by Meeting Requirements

The DEA in Atlanta plays a critical and pivotal role in the ongoing war against drug trafficking, not only in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, but throughout the entire eastern part of the United States.

According to a Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center report, Atlanta is known to authorities as the Mexican drug cartels’ key hub for drug activity in the Eastern U.S. Interstate 20, which runs through Atlanta, is considered as one of the primary routes where drugs (mainly cocaine) travel from Mexico to Texas and then on to Atlanta, where the drugs then are moved to points throughout the country.

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The Job of A DEA Agent in Atlanta

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration maintains a domestic field division office in Atlanta at 75 Spring Street SW., and is responsible for activities in district offices located throughout Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Although illegal drug activity will never be eliminated, in Atlanta, the DEA has had notable success. For example, federal agents made what is believed to be the largest heroin bust in the history of the metropolitan Atlanta area during the summer of 2012. DEA officials in Atlanta, along with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, announced the break-up of a major drug operation in Fulton County, Georgia that was connected to Mexico drug cartels. As part of the operation, DEA agents and local law enforcement raided a “stash” house located in Gwinnet County and recovered more than $2 million in cash, almost 90 pounds of heroin; 4 pounds of crystal meth and guns.

The DEA Atlanta Field Division (AFD) also is vigilant in pursuit of so-called “pill mills” that illegally sell and distribute narcotics. The DEA Atlanta was instrumental in the arrest and indictment of three pain clinics operating in metropolitan Atlanta on federal drug and money laundering charges, including distributing medically dangerous doses of controlled substances such as oxycodone.

Atlanta DEA Careers: How to Become a DEA Agent in Atlanta

Interested in how to become a DEA agent in Atlanta? To determine if they are capable of meeting the DEA’s requirements, candidates often take the online Special Agent Eligibility Quiz. Candidates will be asked questions on their medical qualifications, experience and education and then rated according to their responses.

While the most competitive candidates have a minimum education requirement of a Bachelor’s degree, the government is interested in those candidates with additional skill sets. In the Atlanta division in particular, fluency in foreign languages is extremely desirable since the area continues to attract foreign-born residents. Atlanta and surrounding areas such as Gainesville have a significant Latino population. In addition, Buford Highway, which stretches from Midtown Atlanta on to DeKalb and Gwinnett County, is a multi-cultural area that attracts those from Mexico, Korea, China, Vietnam, Indian, Central American and Ethiopia.

The hiring process itself can take approximately one year. Basic agent training is an 18-week resident program at the DEA Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

To apply, call the Atlanta Division Recruitment Unit message line at (404) 893-7001 or email [email protected].

The Atlanta DEA Division recruitment office is located at 75 Spring Street SW, Room 800/Recruitment, Atlanta, GA 30303-3311.

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