How to Become a DEA Agent in Columbus, Georgia by Meeting Requirements

Among the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) six offices in Georgia is a resident office located in Columbus, situated approximately 100 miles south of Atlanta and at the Alabama border.

Agents with the Columbus Drug Enforcement Administration work to disrupt the trafficking and sale of illegal drugs in the Middle District of Georgia — whether it’s cocaine or heroin or illegally acquired addictive prescription pain medication. To accomplish this, DEA special agents may be called upon to work undercover, conduct surveillance operations, investigate the finances of an individual or an organization, prepare evidence, make arrests and testify in court.

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Becoming a DEA Agent in Columbus, Georgia

Hiring DEA Special Agents in Columbus, Georgia is handled through the DEA Recruitment Office. For all of Georgia, recruiting, testing, and hiring is handled by the DEA Atlanta Division Special Agent Recruitment Coordinator at the DEA Atlanta Division Headquarters.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to initially attend an orientation session and career fair at the DEA Atlanta Division office. The qualifications to become a DEA Special Agent include:

  • Excellent physical condition. The physical task test book will give an overview of the physical tasks that will be required during training, including muscular fitness, joint flexibility, and aerobic fitness.
  • Able to obtain and maintain top security clearance.
  • Meet one of the following education and/or background requirements:
    • Bachelor’s degree (with a minimum GPA of 2.95), a Master’s degree, or a LL.B. or J.D. degree
    • Specialized experience and expertise with activities such as conducting drug related investigations, making arrests, and assisting in court preparations.
    • Possess a Bachelor’s degree, along with:
      •  At least three years’ work experience and specialized skills, such as accounting, auditing, military, technical, and mechanical expertise; or having a pilot or maritime license; or fluency in foreign languages such as Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, Farsi, and others.

DEA Training – The Final Step to Becoming a DEA Agent

Applicants who successfully complete the hiring process, which can take 12 months or longer, and receive an offer of employment will attend training at the DEA Training Academy at Quantico, Virginia. During an 18-week resident program, students will receive 122 hours of firearms training in conjunction with ethics, and applying sound judgment along with the use of weapons.

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